Course Guide

Edo-style sushi made with the rich local produce of Hokkaido:
carefully selected sake. Enjoy these luxuries in a relaxed, gentle environment. Himeshara has no menu. Each day, we prepare the freshest and finest fish available.

  • Sushi Dining Himeshara Course \15,000~
  • Sushi Kaiseki Course \20,000~

Sushi Dining Himeshara Course \15,000~

A compact course offering the chance to enjoy a range of expertly selected seasonal ingredients and rare items.
Recommended to those who wish to sample a wide variety of dishes.

Sushi Kaiseki Course \20,000~

A course offering the chance to enjoy the highest-quality sushi and “Kaiseki” cuisine. Private dining rooms are soundproofed, so this course is recommended for larger groups.
Including drinks menu, draft beer, Japanes sake, barley shochu, potato shochu, rice shochu, oolong tea. (cocktail, wine, champagne is not contained)

Sushi Dining Himeshara Course \15,000~
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